29 Feb 2012

Shelby Keefe’s UPAF Artist Amoung Us Project

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Shelby Keefe’s UPAF Artist Amoung Us Project

Our current Artist In Residence, Shelby Keefe, is about to embark on another special project staring March 1st. Shelby will create a special 12” x 12″ painting for UPAF and each of its member groups. These 16 paintings will happen over the course of the 16 days. This collaboration represents a unique opportunity for the performing arts to […]

27 Feb 2012

The Weekend of Promise Rings

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Saturday afternoon I was hanging out in Shelby’s studio watching her work on a painting of the Milwaukee Art Museum. She was searching to find her way through the piece. A stroke here, a stroke there. Step back, consider. Wipe with a moist towel, then determine another stroke. Having this rare intersection between a writer […]

23 Feb 2012

Shelby Keefe reflects on her time as the Pfister Hotel’s resident artist

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Shelby Keefe has been the Pfister’s resident artist since April 2011. As all great things eventually come to an end, her studio torch will be passed to Timothy Westbrook in April 2012. Shelby and I had been trying to get together and talk for a few weeks and it turned out to be a good […]

22 Dec 2011

The Pfister Hotel Names Six Finalists for Next Artist in Residence

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Home to more Victorian Art than any other hotel in the world, the historic Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee for the past three years has hosted a nationally recognized artist-in-residence program. A selection committee, consisting of members of the local art community, has announced the six finalists for the 2011—2012 term of the program. This […]

28 Nov 2011

Final Deadline For Our Next Artist In Residence

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At the Pfister, we’re known for our expansive Victorian art collection,  but we are also very proud of the continued evolution of our Artist In Residence program. We have been fortunate to have such talented artists like Reginald Baylor, Katie Musolff, and currently Shelby Keefe, create amazing works of art within our own walls. Now […]

28 Oct 2011

Shelby Keefe’s 30 Paintings in 30 days

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Last month, see The Pfister Hotel’s Artist in Residence, Shelby Keefe, began her mission to create a painting a day for 30 straight days. Using her own photos and images from the public as inspiration, buy cialis Keefe has focused her pieces on people in local, urban landscapes. The 12” by 12” works, along with […]