21 Mar 2015

Coke A Cola and the Meanderthal

Coke A Cola and the Meanderthal

When I first discovered Coke’s name to be Coke, I admit, I was taken aback with the fact that it is the unusual title for this amiable human I often see in the lobby. But Coke is used to the awe of people discovering his name, and ups the intrigue by telling you, “Actually, I’m […]

6 Jan 2015

The Underwood Typewriter Girl of 1945

The Underwood Typewriter Girl of 1945

I am sitting at my Remington, clacking away at the lobby’s desk when a man approaches me. Chuck, a New York businessman, tells me about his mother, Anne Bernich, who served as Underwood’s Typewriter Girl of 1945. According to Chuck, “Although her typing skills were amazing, she was voted the ‘Prettiest Girl’ in Long Beach […]

7 Oct 2014

Anyway, I Was Converted

Here is the conversion story of Monica who joins her friends Jan and Tom at the Pfister every Sunday after they all attend mass at St. Catherine’s.   “I hated it. I was opposed to it on moral grounds. Disgusting, brutal, a waste of time.   Then the Packers won the Superbowl with Brett Favre […]

30 Aug 2014

I’m 90 Years Old and This is the First Time I’ve Mentioned It

Sophia and her mom live in Seattle, sale but every year they come visit with grandma for a few weeks because she lives here in Milwaukee. Julie, Sophia’s mom says that today she found out that her mother was elected high school secretary. Her mother, Eunice confesses, “I’m 90 years old and this is the […]