4 Oct 2014

A Reunion With Radical Kiera

A Reunion With Radical Kiera

Until today, I hadn’t seen my friend Kiera in nine years. The last time I saw her we were having one last group sleepover at my house the week before we each moved out of Milwaukee to seek our higher educations in other cities. I went to Missouri for the Kansas City Art Institute and […]

18 Aug 2014

This Was During The Depression

This Was During The Depression

Eleanore ate salad at the Mason Street Grill last Friday, in honor of her mother, a woman named Blanche, “she was a honey” born around 1892. When honey Blanche grew up she worked for a time making the most popular salads at the Pfister so great were her salads that President Teddy Roosevelt asked to […]

19 Mar 2011

Staying on the Ride

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It’s such a surreal feeling to interview your replacement. Sure, try I’m being a bit dramatic—I’m not interviewing them and when I took the job, I knew I’d eventually be replaced but there’s nothing I have to like about it. Well, I do like the tension I felt walking into the meeting room at the […]

14 Nov 2010

Embodied History

  Each time I walk into the Pfister, someone in front of me is stumbling around, slack jawed, gazing up at the beautiful ceilings. But it’s not just the carpets and paintings that create the pomp of the Pfister. It’s the rich history the staff preserve simply by being present, available and ready to share […]