9 Aug 2016

“Checking In With” Carol, Our Sunday Brunch Host | August 2016

“Checking In With” Carol, Our Sunday Brunch Host | August 2016

“Checking In With” Carol, Sunday Brunch Host Here at The Pfister, I treat everyone the same.  I know they’re human beings: they all put their pants legs on one leg at a time. I have been in hospitality for thirty years–I started out in banquets here at the Hotel–but I also have a huge theater background.  I […]

28 Dec 2012

The Menu of Holiday Past and Present

There are all kinds of relics to uncover here at the Pfister Hotel. With the holidays in full swing, food comes to my mind right away.  In my home, food for any celebration is always given the utmost care and attention, like a newborn baby. As I was poking around last week, I hopscotched my […]

4 Nov 2012

And So It Begins…

First day on the job as the Pfister Narrator and I feel like I’ll get used to hanging around this place pretty quickly. Greeted by the bubbly Timothy Westbrook concocting another masterpiece in his studio, I walked in on what I thought would be a quiet Sunday because of the Packer game. I was mistaken. […]

18 Apr 2011

Brunch at the Pfister [VIDEO]

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Gather family and friends and hop into one of Milwaukee’s most loved dining destinations for a delicious Easter and Mother’s Day Brunch.  With chef-prepared favorite entrees, mouthwatering pastries and complimentary treasured memories. $49.95 for adults $24.95 for children 12 and under Four (4) and under are FREE Follow along as Joshua Wolter puts on another hat and […]