• Sevens And Apples

    Sevens And Apples

      Right now in the Mystery that is the Pfistery, there is a basket out in the lobby a tisket, a tasket of apples, all sized small enough to keep inside my blazer pocket my pocket’s apple is named King David cause I’m told these are King David’s Apples an heirloom variety individual...

  • Shrunken Heads of Old Men & Angels of Light Hibiscus

    Shrunken Heads of Old Men & Angels of Light Hibiscus

      Each time I go to work someone from the staff is bound to show me something.   Once, Rick the bellhop tells me about his boston terrier, Mugsy. “She grows more and more into a creature every day, and less like a dog. She has creature tendencies.” Such as? “She makes crazy...

  • Eavesdropping in the Pfister

    Eavesdropping in the Pfister

    I am sitting in Blu by myself so that no one will distract me as I eavesdrop in on the conversations. Some old ladies are giggling about martinis. An old man is taking all the plush chairs away from my table to build a nest for all his companions. One of them asks, “How was the wedding?” to another. She r...

  • A Love Letter From the Man With a Kind Smile

    A Love Letter From the Man With a Kind Smile

    One day I'm typing in the lobby when a man approaches me. He has a kind face, one that appears illuminated from within by what I’d guess to be a gentle, prolonged love relationship. He just looks easeful and friendly. He inquires as to what I’m doing with a typewriter. When I tell him that I write poetry ...

  • The Men Still Sit With Their Songbirds

    The Men Still Sit With Their Songbirds

    Mauriah has asymmetrical green bangs, but you can’t see them too well in the shady nighttime of Blu. She orders a moscow mule and tells me that she felt really safe when she lived in Taiwan. Sure, scooters and bicycles got stolen but even then the thieves were only borrowing, what was y...

  • "Don’t worry, I’ll hold your monkey"

    The following story was copied only by memory. Bob requested that there be no pictures taken of him or recordings of his voice. I did not have a pad to write on. This is not how I usually do things, but I liked the challenge.   Bob and his lady came down from Iron Mountain, a town in the Upper Pe...

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