31 May 2017

Let’s Start a Book Club!

There’s just nothing quite like a really good book club. Reading is usually a solitary pleasure, but certain books cry out to be mused over or bickered about. Certain books live better when we can see them from someone else’s point of view or yell together, “Can you believe that ending!?” Like most of life’s […]

27 May 2017

Art in the Pfister Emboldens Us All

There is a disruptive beauty when someone is deeply passionate about something. Disruptive because it halts you, makes you lean forward and listen carefully, nudges you to examine your own life to see if you care about anything that much. Maeve Jackson (www.maevejackson.com) has this type of passion about art. Ask her about videography or […]

24 May 2017

I’ll Be There For You (Cause You’re There For Me Too)

Want someone to light up? Ask them about the people they love. I do that in Blu tonight. Chelsea and Lexi are the kind of friends who gush about each other in the most endearing way. They’ve been friends for only two years but both immediately say it feels like much longer, because they’ve slipped […]

19 May 2017

Delighted, I’m Sure

The Pfister lobby this afternoon is gilded, gleaming and oh-so-peaceful. I’m beginning my year as Narrator, which is so thrilling I can just feel life cracking open before me. A few things from my “real life”, which is usually distinctly less gleaming than this moment, are conspicuously absent in this magnificent place. I have two, […]

1 May 2017

A Narrator’s Farewell Part III: Bringing the Hotel’s Paintings to Life

A Narrator’s Farewell Part III: Bringing the Hotel’s Paintings to Life

Finally, I leave you and the Pfister Hotel with twenty (soon to be twenty-one–I’ll explain later) creative works written by me and participants in the five Plume Service writing experiences that took place between December and April.  My original goal was to bring all 80 of the Victorian-era paintings in the Hotel to life, so for the first two […]

28 Apr 2017

A Narrator’s Farewell Part I: The Early Months

A Narrator’s Farewell Part I: The Early Months

Dear Readers– The past year has taken me places I could never have expected, which was exactly what I had in mind when I decided to quit teaching English last June after 22 years.  I knew that my dedication to my profession would preclude devoting serious time to any new pursuits or new projects, whatever […]