• The Gifts In Life Have Nothing To Do With Money

    The Gifts In Life Have Nothing To Do With Money

    Jennifer is here. She just quit her job as the director of a troupe of tribal belly dancers. I learn that tribal belly dancing is more athletic than traditional. Apparently traditional belly dancing much more wiggly.   I believe it, having taken belly dancing in college and finding it fairly impossible to w...

  • The Short Man

    The Short Man

    A guest in the lobby told the following story that took place over thirty years ago. He told me four other stories similar to this in the period of an hour.   I get a phone call from Short Man, he wants to see me. We were best friends in high school in the Carribean, he never finished and I hadn...

  • The Woman Who Eats Cake Every Day

    The Woman Who Eats Cake Every Day

    Debbie was working as a pastry chef when a customer came in wanting a cake like the one they saw in Martha Stewart Magazine. The customer said they’d been to every bakery in town, but no one would do it. Debbie was shocked to hear that, but the bakery where she worked was not properly equipped to do it eith...

  • The Rock of the Day

    The Rock of the Day

    There is a couple from Madison that comes here every year. They spend the week after thanksgiving sitting quietly side by side in the Pfister café, the wife with an unidentified electronic contraption, the husband with a book of games to solve. It is a docile, wintry afternoon, one in which everyone notices ...

  • Too Old For Santa's Knee

    Too Old For Santa's Knee

    The day after Thanksgiving, Santa makes an appearance at the Pfister Hotel the same evening as the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony.  That's great, kids love the opportunity to tell the man direct what it is they wish for.  But what about everyone else?  Once you grow up you still want things.   And perhaps ...

  • "What Are You Doing For Thanksgiving?"

      The following people shared their Thanksgiving Plans:   Name: Ariana Location: Artist studio Context: One Pfister Artist Niki’s interns, Arianna spent her day crocheting condoms into upholstery for Niki’s fainting couch. “I’m going to my fake aunt’s house. I actuall...

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