• She Pauses To Nibble On Her Pickle

    She Pauses To Nibble On Her Pickle

    “You have to travel with people who want to explore otherwise everything is constructed,” warns Louise. She pauses to nibble on her pickle, and contemplate those frequent trips she has made to visit her family in Barbados. The last time she went down there with non-explorers they whin...

  • Bar Hoping

    Bar Hoping

    Sean runs a trivia company out of Minnesota called “Trivia Mafia.” Currently there is only one bar in all of Milwaukee (the city with more bars than grocery stores) where you can play Trivia Mafia and that bar is Vintage. Here is why Sean and his dad came down for the weekend: to g...

  • The Lady and the Pirate

    The Lady and the Pirate

    I meet an accountant. She tells me about her career hobby: her involvement with the Society For Creative Anachronism (SCA) where she is known as ‘Lady Aiofe Cno Capaill,’ which means ‘dark horse.’ What is the SCA? “Basically we do 600 to 1600 (a.d.) everything, from Middle Ages to the Renaissance pe...

  • This Is Not The Real Dance

    This Is Not The Real Dance

    Sisters came in from New York to attend the wedding and to show off their Wedding Dance. They are choreographing their piece right now on the exquisite carpet that urges all who come here to at least sashay at least slightly even if it is so slight that no one notices because you are an adul...

  • Two Texans

    Two Texans

    Two Texans, architectural engineers, college students, conference attendees named Shannon and Michaela want me to write them love letters for their boyfriends. [caption id="attachment_9978" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Shannon and Michaela[/caption]   Shannon lovingingly descr...

  • A Mud Bath, Followed With An Insult

    A Mud Bath, Followed With An Insult

    A few months into my job at the Pfister I learned something very interesting:   If you want, the spa will give you a bowl of clay to go with a hot steam shower. Yes, with this spa offering, you can temporarily remake yourself as an exquisite porcine figure, steamed on a spit, enjoying the mud b...

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