• "Don’t worry, I’ll hold your monkey"

    The following story was copied only by memory. Bob requested that there be no pictures taken of him or recordings of his voice. I did not have a pad to write on. This is not how I usually do things, but I liked the challenge.   Bob and his lady came down from Iron Mountain, a town in the Upper Pe...

  • The Newest American Citizen of All

    The Newest American Citizen of All

    Ilda became an American Citizen today in the courthouse across the street from the Pfister. She had to pledge her allegiance to the flag, swear an oath and then was given an envelope that contained her official paperwork along with a letter signed by the President. It is 6:30 p.m. and she has been celebrating...

  • She Works 7 Days A Week As A Fashion Designer

    She Works 7 Days A Week As A Fashion Designer

    “My biggest bugaboo is blue jeans, sweatshirts, flat shoes. I can’t stand it. Every time I get on an airplane, I’m over in Italy, I’m over in Paris, I’m over London, I can tell without even asking which gate I’m supposed to go to where the Americans are they have blue jeans...

  • A Room Full of Barometric Gages

    A Room Full of Barometric Gages

    Inside the rouge ballroom is a top-secret gathering of the stylish.   The nation's first four-year fashion program (Milwaukee's own Mount Mary College!) is holding a reception for AIDS awareness. There is to be a conversation between Timothy Gunn, American fashion icon who hosts the television show...

  • Pin the Eagle On the Mother

    Pin the Eagle On the Mother

    Five moments of learning from the past week at the Pfister.   1. A kid from Chicago comes to my typewriter and gawks. I allow him to type whatever he wants: “HAa Liamisthe greatest Pat and Kerianne suck and wish they could do this hahah”   2. A girl comes...

  • Anyway, I Was Converted

    Anyway, I Was Converted

    Here is the conversion story of Monica who joins her friends Jan and Tom at the Pfister every Sunday after they all attend mass at St. Catherine’s.   “I hated it. I was opposed to it on moral grounds. Disgusting, brutal, a waste of time.   Then the Packers won the Sup...

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