• Two Texans

    Two Texans

    Two Texans, architectural engineers, college students, conference attendees named Shannon and Michaela want me to write them love letters for their boyfriends. [caption id="attachment_9978" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Shannon and Michaela[/caption]   Shannon lovingingly descr...

  • A Mud Bath, Followed With An Insult

    A Mud Bath, Followed With An Insult

    A few months into my job at the Pfister I learned something very interesting:   If you want, the spa will give you a bowl of clay to go with a hot steam shower. Yes, with this spa offering, you can temporarily remake yourself as an exquisite porcine figure, steamed on a spit, enjoying the mud b...

  • Coke A Cola and the Meanderthal

    Coke A Cola and the Meanderthal

    When I first discovered Coke’s name to be Coke, I admit, I was taken aback with the fact that it is the unusual title for this amiable human I often see in the lobby. But Coke is used to the awe of people discovering his name, and ups the intrigue by telling you, “Actually, I’...

  • Whispering, 1925

    Whispering, 1925

    My term as Pfister narrator is almost up, so yesterday I finally booked a room.  My best friend Jessie drove in from Ann Arbor for the occasion.   Jessie promptly plopped on the plush puff bed as soon as we had entered and perused our room, #332. She then jumped to action and made us a to-do list...

  • If he don’t love me, how could he love you?

    If he don’t love me, how could he love you?

    “My name is Charles Bentley. I’m Native American, Cherokee. My grandmother was Cherokee. I worked for American Motors at the corner of Capitol and Richards, where Wal-Mart is now from 1958-1966. I was a spray painter, I was “The Door Jam Man.” The Rambler was the first ca...

  • About Life, About Mystery

    About Life, About Mystery

    The shop window on Wisconsin Avenue is empty.  Inside the glass room is a door that leads to the darkness.  The combination of this darkness door, the street lights reflected in the glass and the promise that the blank space will be filled up one day again, instills in me a wild excitement.  Truly! ...

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