• Pineapples Visit Sauerkraut Boulevard

    Pineapples Visit Sauerkraut Boulevard

    Mark and Delores (who have a German last name) are here from Miami. They are getting the German Milwaukee experience. They toured the Pabst Mansion, did a beer tasting and are asking who Captain Pabst (Pabst beer's founder) was close friends with. Honestly, I don't know.* Delores bought a T-shirt from Mader's...

  • La Belle Fleur et Le Verdant

    La Belle Fleur et Le Verdant

    La Belle Fleur (the beautiful flower), is a pear infused vodka recipe that Katrina is following today. She is still deciding on her own name for it, but knows she wants it to be French. She is teaching herself French from an application on her phone. Trois de poire (three pears) is the traditional name...

  • How Young Paul Got His Name

    How Young Paul Got His Name

    One day I plop down on the couch near a woman and her family because they look like they are having a riotous conversation and I want in. The woman is having tea with her former boss and her children. She cackles at my idea of him as the father of her children. "He's actually the son I gave up for adoption...

  • We Are The Larvae Eaters

    We Are The Larvae Eaters

    “Next year we we’ll have 120 pounds of honey coming outta the two hives,” says Brian Frakes, Pfister head chef and as of this year, beekeeper. He takes me up to the roof; where 24 stories above the ground the bees await their sugar water refill. He lights the burlap in his smoker and climbs into a ...

  • The Godfathers

    The Godfathers

    The first time I ever went into the Pfister was when my godfathers (I have two) spontaneously invited me for a hamburger in the café. I didn’t know regular people from the local population could do that sort of thing, and I was nervous to be dining at an establishment I assumed (wrongly!) was designed only...

  • For You, For You, I Skitter-Skatter In The Dark

    For You, For You, I Skitter-Skatter In The Dark

    At my desk I get a good view of the lobby flowers that get changed regularly. Two weeks ago they were a purple irises. Back in the day there used to be a whole courtship code that was communicated by flower arrangements. If a suitor gave me a bouquet of purple irises one hundred or more years ago it would hav...

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