11 May 2015

My mother, the Green Hornet, and other notes of love

My mother, the Green Hornet, and other notes of love

Are you still feeling the glow of Mother’s Day? It was a glorious brunch filled day at the Pfister this past Sunday when good sons and daughters showered their moms with well deserved adoration. Me? I was out of town, there and I’m not 100% certain that my Mom even had a good cup of […]

24 Mar 2015

A Mud Bath, Followed With An Insult

A Mud Bath, Followed With An Insult

A few months into my job at the Pfister I learned something very interesting:   If you want, the spa will give you a bowl of clay to go with a hot steam shower. Yes, with this spa offering, you can temporarily remake yourself as an exquisite porcine figure, steamed on a spit, enjoying the mud bath […]

28 Dec 2014

In Which I Get A Massage

In Which I Get A Massage

A few weeks into December, a generous and innovative customer commissioned me to typewrite five short stories to give to their various family members on Christmas day. Being the purist that I am, I decided that all the drafts for these stories should also be crafted on a typewriter. After a week of writing five short […]

30 Aug 2014

I’m 90 Years Old and This is the First Time I’ve Mentioned It

Sophia and her mom live in Seattle, sale but every year they come visit with grandma for a few weeks because she lives here in Milwaukee. Julie, Sophia’s mom says that today she found out that her mother was elected high school secretary. Her mother, Eunice confesses, “I’m 90 years old and this is the […]

22 Aug 2014

A Haircut, A Soft Man From The Spa, A War Zone

  I got an asymmetrical haircut at the Pfister’s salon. Carrie, medical my stylist said she had a barn growing up. It was mostly empty, so she and her brother would perform plays inside. Carrie had “an asthmatic horse named Blaze.” I didn’t know they made asthmatic horses, but Carrie tells me that it is […]

30 Jul 2013

Olivia turns 11 at the Pfister

The diversity of the guests at the Pfister always amazes me. I knew there were visitors from all over the world, look but prior to becoming the Pfister Narrator and spending so much time in the hotel, I didn’t realize how many guests were of different styles and ages, including children. It’s certainly not Kid […]