24 Sep 2014

So He Traveled Around Basting Turkeys

So He Traveled Around Basting Turkeys

Harold & Laura came into town to visit their son Michael who is graduating from the Milwaukee School of Engineering’s mechanical engineering program. The three of them took advantage of Doors Open Milwaukee to tour the tallest skyscraper in Milwaukee, then the Groehmann Museum where they met the real, living Mr. Groehmann in his office […]

30 Aug 2014

I’m 90 Years Old and This is the First Time I’ve Mentioned It

Sophia and her mom live in Seattle, sale but every year they come visit with grandma for a few weeks because she lives here in Milwaukee. Julie, Sophia’s mom says that today she found out that her mother was elected high school secretary. Her mother, Eunice confesses, “I’m 90 years old and this is the […]

29 Aug 2014

The Lady With The Hats

The Lady With The Hats

A box with twenty hats were left for me at the front desk the other day. Miraculously, all of them fit my head. I would like to end this story here and imply that I have a secret admirer, but I know who gave me the hats. I was introduced to her in the Mason […]

10 Aug 2014

I Will Get To Wear Tights & Meeting Two Presidents

The lobby wears red roses today when I meet Caroline from South Carolina. Tomorrow Carolina’s Caroline will toss plant pluckings on the floor as flower girl for a wedding. She tells me I will get to wear tights she tells me there will be champagne! Who told this kid to get excited about champagne? Perhaps Harry […]

31 Jul 2014

I’ve Met The Following People

I’ve Met The Following People

I am walking outside along the outdoor customers of the Mason Street Grill when I witness a woman in her thirties fly up from her seat to stand before her friends and wildly gesture with her whole body. Her four friends shriek and howl with laughter so I stop to watch too, sickness but it […]

21 Jul 2014

Come Here You Big Lug

One suited man sees another suited man. “Come here you big lug.”  Exclaims the other man, decease “What do you mean ‘a big lug?!’” The two of them proceed to do the manly anti-hug where they grab each other’s arms and smack each other on the back. The smack is so loud it echoes in […]