19 May 2013

Jackie and Jim’s last hurrah

The Pfister has always served a special role in Jackie and Jim Green’s life. Mainly, pilule as a place for them to escape their kids. The Greens live in Arlington Heights, a suburb just outside Chicago, and they have four children – two girls and two boys – ages 22, 21, 20 and 19. They […]

15 May 2013

Seven sisters, seven crazy hats and one Irish blessing

It took me a Google search to remember this, pharm but “seven sisters” is the common name for the Pleiades, a star cluster named for mythological characters. Last night, I witnessed a version of this astronomical phenomenon when I walked into Blu and immediately was drawn to the seven Murphy sisters who were clustered in […]

11 May 2013

The Pfister Five: Meet international model Raengel Solis

Welcome to a new series on the blog called “The Pfister Five.” Occasionally, order I’ll post a five-question interview with a guest. To kick this off, here’s a chat with Raengel Solis, an international model who stayed at the Pfister recently.  Raengel was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. Eight years ago, she moved […]

8 May 2013

Talking New York City, identical twins and happy hours with the McDonoughs

It was clear Mary and Tim McDonough were having Date Night at the Lobby Bar. Snuggled closely on the couch in front of the fire, rx Mary cradled a glass of Shiraz and Tim held a Sambuca with three coffee beans. Engrossed in quiet conversation, they paused only to laugh. Of course, the only element […]

6 May 2013

The three-hour Milwaukeean

The three-hour Milwaukeean

After I overheard – OK, online totally nosily dipped into – Mario Guerra’s cell phone conversation when he was sitting next to me at the Lobby Bar, I gleaned he had recently moved to Milwaukee. “So how long have you lived in Milwaukee?” I asked Guerra, who was wearing a nice suit and drinking a […]

3 May 2013

The Hello Campaign

The Hello Campaign

Hello and goodbye: two of the most powerful words in the English language. Everything begins and, case as we all know from life and perhaps the words of Robert Frost, nothing gold can stay. Hotels are the epitome of greetings and farewells. Guests arrive brimming with excitement and anticipation and then, a day or a […]