Postponing Monday

I read as much as I write. Books invade how I see the world and lately, sovaldi I’ve been reading authors who describe characters writing letters or the letters being read. I often join my literary world with my visceral world at the Pfister, each time I sit down, I feel as though I should pen a letter.

The setting is perfect for it, of course. I’ve told you before about the endless soft chairs and nooks and crannies. Yet, rx in my travels through the hotel, I’ve only met one woman so far who was writing in a journal or notepad. Blackberries and iPhones are the tablet of choice for those constructing sentences, but there is a romance in the halls of the hotel that people (and their pens) just aren’t taking advantage of.

If I were to pen a letter to my friend about tea this week, I’d have to start with descriptions of the hum. There were two beautiful women waiting for their party when we arrived and though they very clearly were chatting with each other, their softened tones created only a hum in the air. Surely the soft upholstery of the furnishings also absorbed whatever gossip they were sharing, but the peaceful quality of knowing they were fully engaging each other without forcing us to be a part of what they were saying was refreshing. I dare you to find that the next time you’re in the grocery store line behind someone arguing on a cell phone.

When the rest of the women’s party arrived, it was clear a family function had begun. More than eight women gathered and listened intently to the presentation of tea. This is my favorite part, all the history and story and recipe making of the teas themselves and it was clear one woman in the party was mesmerized. To say she was well dressed is not fitting. If I were to describe her, in this unwritten letter to some friend or sister far away, I’d have to say she embodied winter. A crisp ivory fur hat met its match at her dangling earrings that sparkled and made for perfect snowflakes. Her coat, bangles, rings and sweater were all ivory and full of softness and sparkle and she didn’t flinch—not a single muscle—as she listened to John describe her teas.

This calm fascination, respect, peacefulness is one of the best parts about the tea service. But it’s not the only one. As my friends and I caught up on our gossip over the comforting beverage, a threesome joined the event. They stood out in their dress, clearly not expecting high tea, but rather, a quick escape and cup of coffee. They laughed as they sat themselves in the seats next to us, but then slowly gauged what was going on around them. Asking for coffee, they were told tea was the menu for the afternoon and they chose to stay.

That decision came after the woman in the group turned slowly and eyed our array of delicacies. Though we were willing to describe them to her, she never asked and we couldn’t bear to interrupt because she visually consumed each treat on the elaborate tray one by one and mirrored the same fascination our lady Winter displayed only 30 minutes before.

It’s these simplicities that the Pfister cultivates, but more should recognize. It’s the craft of penning an elegant letter and the slow, careful strokes of neat handwriting. It’s the artful description of leaves in a jar and careful arrangement of snacks on a tray. Simply admiring these elements slows you down, gives you the pause life often begs you to take.

Sure, there’s call for a snow day in Milwaukee. Many are thankful for the “free pass” from work or life events. It’s a mid-week postponement of everything. But each time I take friends to tea at the Pfister and share the event with others who understand, I get to postpone my Monday at my choosing, not Mother Nature’s.

Ryan Seacrest on 99.1 The Mix [AUDIO]

On January 26 on 99.1 The Mix, Ryan Seacrest reflected about his stay in Milwaukee and how much he enjoyed his time at the Pfister Hotel.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN: The Pfister: 1.26 Ryan Seacrest

Did you watch American Idol’s visit to Milwaukee?

Stay Safe During the Storm: Pfister Hotel Offering Special Snow Storm Rates

Those unlucky suburbanites stuck downtown during the looming blizzard will receive special overnight rates at all three of Marcus Hotels & Resorts’ Milwaukee properties Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights (Jan. 31-Feb. 2). The Pfister Hotel will be offering overnight stays for guests at a reduced price of $100. The Pfister Hotel also will be offering half-price parking in their covered garages.

Those concerned about making the commute to and from work can pack an overnight  bag ahead of time and later head to one of Marcus’ great hotels. With award-winning restaurants, excellent room service, business amenities and much more, guests will be happy to be snowed out and enjoying some of the best hotels in the city.

Reservations must be made by calling (414) 935-5942, no more than 24 hours before the guests’ stay.

Playing Dress Up

We’re having tea again this weekend. I am on a mission to expose everyone I know to this amazing day out. I was told yesterday, look however, that I am to dress up. One of the friends has bought a new dress just for the tea outing.

It’s important for me to tell you, I see all kinds in the Pfister—and that’s the best part. All are welcome. While the hotel is always dressed in its best (which is impressive) and the staff are impeccable in their uniforms, cialis guests and patrons don garb that ranges from jeans to sparkles (lots of sparkles).

It is not a requirement that you be fancy, well-dressed or even clean-shaven to have a drink, online go to a meeting or dine at Mason Street Grill while at the Pfister. In fact, the most enveloping part of the hotel is ancient photographs of the hotel in its infancy, Milwaukee history all around you, incredible formal service and people in jeans and Uggs talking to you about how “cool” it feels to be in the hotel. These layers of style, ways of being and eras make the experience so complete.

So when my friend bought a new dress for our outing, I realized that though the Pfister allows for all kinds, just like many places in the city, what it does best is make you feel special and important. I regularly spend weekend mornings at Alterra writing. Though I’ve frequented the coffee shop in work out clothes and business casual, I never feel like I have to up the ante to up the experience there.

At the Pfister, I sit up straighter. At the Pfister, I smile wider and I have actually caught myself flipping my hair just so (embarrassing to admit, but true). Every single piece and person in the hotel accepts jeans, your light beer drink order and your snow and salt-stained winter boots.

What makes this local gem such an amazing escape from the everyday, is when you wear your fancy dress for high Victorian tea and don your grandmother’s jewels, no one treats you like you’re playing dress up. It’s not the range of options in mood and appearance that the hotel does so well that makes it worth the adventure. It’s that it is one of the only places that, when you want to feel fancy, swings its doors wide open and lets you.

The Pfister Hotel Announces Search for Next In-House Journalist/Storyteller

The historic Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee is helping another talented local writer develop his or her passion for writing, while enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The hotel has announced the search for its second-ever in-house storyteller, known as the Pfister Narrator. He or she will spend time in the hotel’s lobby, interviewing visitors and guests and sharing their stories through a blog on the Pfister’s Web site.

“The Pfister has displayed its dedication to the arts for many years,” says Joe Kurth, general manager of The Pfister Hotel. “The addition of the narrator program is an extension of that commitment, which also is exhibited in our expansive collection of Victorian art, as well as our celebrated artist-in-residence program.”

The person chosen for the position will be replacing current narrator, Julie Ferris. She has been blogging from the hotel since November 2010. Her stories can be found at

The idea of having the opportunity to share the tales and experiences of people as they wondered and wandered through Milwaukee’s historic Pfister Hotel appealed to me in many ways,” explains Ferris. “The idea of capturing in words the experiences of people breathes life into not simply the hotel, but the city as well.”

The Pfister Narrator will work a minimum of 10 hours per week over the course of a six-month period and will publish a minimum of two blog posts per week. In return he or she will receive his or her choice of a $1,000 monthly stipend, scholarship for continuing education or donation to a charity of his or her choice in his or her honor, in addition to complimentary parking and meals within the hotel’s cafeteria.

To be considered, applicants will need to submit an application form, current resume, 2-3 writing samples of recent work, a 200-word proposal, cover letter and two professional references to Deadline for submissions is March 1, 2011. The Pfister Narrator will take his or her post May 1, 2011, and will remain the hotel’s storyteller through October 2011.

A review panel will evaluate the applications and ultimately choose the Pfister Narrator. More information and the application form can be found at

Vote for your favorite: The Pfister Hotel Names Finalists for Artist-In-Residence Program

Home to more Victorian Art than any other hotel in the world, the historic Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee for the past two years has hosted an artist-in-residence program. A selection committee, consisting of members of the local art community, has announced the six finalists for the 2010—2011 term of the program. This year’s finalists are Shelby Keefe; Stephen P. Ohlrich; Jeremy Plunkett; Kate Pfeiffer; Anthony Suminski; and Jim Zwadlo.

“We’ve received an overwhelming number of applications for the program this year,” says Joe Kurth, general manager of The Pfister Hotel. “With great consideration, the selection committee has chosen six outstanding artists who remain in the running. Now it’s time for the public to help us decide who will be moving into The Pfister next spring.”

Public Voting Begins

Beginning today, members of the public will be able to log on to The Pfister’s Aritist In Residence voting page, to select the artist they’d like to see as the next Artist In Residence. Votes can also be cast via twitter (#ArtistInResidence) or by texting 22333 by responding with the name of the artist you’d like to cast your vote. Voting will end Feb. 14, 2011. The selection committee will announce the next artist-in-residence soon thereafter.

Take a look at this year’s finalists.

Anthony Suminski

Kate Pfeiffer

Stephen Ohlrich

James Zwadlo

Jeremy Plunkett

Shelby Keefe

January Gallery Night

Work by the six finalists will be displayed at Gallerie M, inside InterContinental Milwaukee, for January Gallery Night, Friday, Jan. 21, 2011, where the public will be able to vote via ballet box, in addition to the other methods.

The current Pfister artist in residence, Katie Musolff, will be hosting her final Gallery Night at The Pfister Hotel the same evening. In addition to her work, guests will be able to view a slideshow of images from the six finalists for next year’s program and invited to vote on their favorite.

The Pfister’s Artist-In-Residence Program

Entering its third year, The Pfister’s Artist-in-Residence program features a working art studio and gallery that is open to hotel guests and visitors. The program encourages the public to interact with the artist and witness the evolution of each piece first-hand. The artist chosen for the 2010—2011 term will move in to the studio space in April 2011, replacing Musolff.

The Pfister is already gaining a reputation for supporting great artists. Tonette Walker, the wife of Governor Scott Walker, recently commissioned the program’s first artist in residence, Reginald Baylor, to create a portrait of him, which was presented earlier this month at his inaugural dinner.

For more information on The Pfister’s Artist-In-Residence program, visit The Pfister can also be found on Facebook and  Twitter.

Friday Night Fever

I laugh at the character Charlotte on Sex in the City, here the popular HBO television series. When she’s single, she grows frustrated when she doesn’t have plans on Saturday night. “But it’s date night!” she wails when others suggest things for her to do.

I don’t think date night is solely Saturday night in Milwaukee. Friday night in the Pfister is full of roaming young men, cialis sale wrapped in cashmere scarves and the latest fashions and the slight hint of a few beers warming them to the evening. As the night grows late, a certain drive seems to ignite within them as they hunt for the dates they originally set out to find.

When a friend and I tumbled out of the elevator from the parking garage, prostate we were met by Shay and his entourage. Three mid-20s men, handsomely dressed and alight with energy at the late hour, they had already had drinks in the lobby bar and were headed upstairs to Blu to meet with friends for more. Two women arriving together without any male chaperones lit up the men and we were smothered in attention. Where had we been, where were we going and please join us at Blu was the conversation theme and it made me smile to remember girls’ nights out that are fueled with the same contagious energy.

We felt like we were watching a coming-of-age story when two of the crew cheered on a third as he said he was headed back to Mason Street Grill “talk to that girl again, see if she’s still there.” The hope in his eyes and his friends’ encouraging grins, made slightly raunchy by drink, made us smile.

While we watched so many others crawl into the wee hours together in the lobby bar, conversations stumbling across the bar top and lobby tables, we saw endless streams of young men who could have each been Shay and his posse. All dressed in the latest fashions, braving the scene without coats, hair gelled to perfection and walking as if auditioning for Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs, packs of young men on the prowl moved through the lobby into the frigid streets.

They weren’t intimidating nor drunk; they seemed, from our vantage point, sleepily ending our evening in girl talk, emboldened and electrified. In some ways, we were flattered and wooed, even though the men weren’t there for us. We happily bore witness to the energy they put in their evening and the John Travolta hitch in their steps. Realizing it was all part of the performance they put together to help them make Friday night date night, to help them capture the attentions and affections of the women they’d meet, we couldn’t help but smile encouragingly and, just as Shay and his friend did, wish them all good luck out there.

Pfister Artist-in-Residence: The Commissioned Work of Art [VIDEO]

As a legacy within the Pfister Hotel, Katie Musolff, the current Artist-in-Residence, prepares her commissioned work; a portrait of Dr. Jeffrey Hollander, the Pfister’s renowned concert pianist.

Stop by Katie’s gallery inside the Pfister to check on her progress with this work of art.

2011 Artist In Residence Finalist [VIDEO]

The Pfister Hotel is known for its wonderful collection of Victorian art and its commitment to the Artist In Residence program.

Now going on its third year, generic the committee reviewed 21 excelllent submissions and have choosen the six finalist. One of them will be chosen to be the next Pfister Artist In Residence.

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Congratulations to our six finalists:

– Jim Zwadlo
– Anthony Suminski
– Jeremy Plunkett
– Kate Pfeiffer
– Stephen P. Ohlrich
– Shelby Keefe

And thank you to our fantastic committee members.

– Lisa Hostetler, capsule Curator of Photographs at the Milwaukee Art Museum
– Kate Wilson, The Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts
– Melissa Dorn Richards, Director of Cultural and Alumni Relations at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design
– Jon Anne Willow, Publisher and Editor and Chief of ThirdCoast Digest
– Tonya C. Smith, FLMI, Corporate Art Specialist from Northwestern Mutual
– Tim Smith, General Manager of the InterContinental Milwaukee
– Joe Kurth, General Manager of the Pfister Hotel
– Cassy Scrima, Area Director of Marketing for Marcus Hotels and Resorts

Celebrity BLUtender – ESPN Milwaukee Broad Side Battle – Trenni Kusnierek & Jen Lada

ESPN Milwaukee radio personality Trenni Kusnierek and Fox 6’s Jen Lada step behind the bar at Blu to slinging drinks to raise money for the Hunger Task Force.

Watch for more Celebrity BLUtender Battles coming soon!

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