30 Sep 2013

His shocking story sparks inspiration

His shocking story sparks inspiration

Ranachith “Ronnie” Yimsut is a genocide survivor, an orphan and a refugee. He is also a brother, husband, father, architect, author, teacher and social justice activist. But more than anything, Ronnie is an inspiration. I met Ronnie in the Cafe at the Pfister and I don’t think I have ever said fewer words during an […]

10 Jul 2013

Partyin’ with the boss

Imagine seeing your coworkers only once a year. Such is the case for Sue, pharmacy Nancy and Missy, who work in the banking industry from their homes in three different states. Once a year they meet in Milwaukee, at the Pfister’s Lobby Lounge, to connect in person. Nancy lives in Florida; Missy lives in Pittsburgh […]

20 Jun 2013

Minnesotans, motorcycles and the Mall of America

A few years ago, sale I went to the Mall of America in Minnesota for the first time. I was surprised to see a kiosk featuring shirts that read “friends don’t let friends drive to Wisconsin” and merchandise embossed with other playful-but-rivalrous messages. I turned to my partner, advice who is from Minnesota. “Minnesota doesn’t […]

18 Jun 2013

The dancer, the drag queen and the mystery woman

Recently, discount I had my first mohawk spotting at the Pfister Lobby Bar, and so, naturally, I had to chat with the man rocking the spiky hairdo. “So how long have you had a mohawk?” I ask him. “For forever,” he says. “I just got it redone yesterday. I’m a drag queen so I need […]

28 May 2013

A birthday celebration sparks good conversation with a banker

During my first month as the Pfister Narrator, I have already spent a lot of time hanging out at the Lobby Bar, Cafe and Blu, talking to guests and hearing what brought them to the hotel. Recently, for the first time, I went to Mason Street Grill. It was my birthday and it seemed like […]

11 May 2013

The Pfister Five: Meet international model Raengel Solis

Welcome to a new series on the blog called “The Pfister Five.” Occasionally, order I’ll post a five-question interview with a guest. To kick this off, here’s a chat with Raengel Solis, an international model who stayed at the Pfister recently.  Raengel was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. Eight years ago, she moved […]