12 Sep 2014

My IQ Is Higher Than Einstein’s

My IQ Is Higher Than Einstein’s

I weighed one pound fourteen ounces, pills carried four and a half months. I was the record until 1971. I was the size of a big tomato, except I was long you could put me in a shoebox. They put five months on my birth certificate but it was really four and a half, my […]

4 Sep 2014

The Absinthe Minded Confusion Fusion

My recorder has stored a highly detailed 16 minute and 12 second description of a book this man read a couple decades ago.  It is the autobiography of Bernard Baruch, a wall street guy who hung out at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in the 1930’s.  The description would have been even longer had I not […]

30 Aug 2014

I’m 90 Years Old and This is the First Time I’ve Mentioned It

Sophia and her mom live in Seattle, sale but every year they come visit with grandma for a few weeks because she lives here in Milwaukee. Julie, Sophia’s mom says that today she found out that her mother was elected high school secretary. Her mother, Eunice confesses, “I’m 90 years old and this is the […]

22 Aug 2014

A Haircut, A Soft Man From The Spa, A War Zone

  I got an asymmetrical haircut at the Pfister’s salon. Carrie, medical my stylist said she had a barn growing up. It was mostly empty, so she and her brother would perform plays inside. Carrie had “an asthmatic horse named Blaze.” I didn’t know they made asthmatic horses, but Carrie tells me that it is […]

18 Aug 2014

This Was During The Depression

This Was During The Depression

Eleanore ate salad at the Mason Street Grill last Friday, in honor of her mother, a woman named Blanche, “she was a honey” born around 1892. When honey Blanche grew up she worked for a time making the most popular salads at the Pfister so great were her salads that President Teddy Roosevelt asked to […]

4 Aug 2014

a despondent coffee bean anticipating its consumption

a despondent coffee bean anticipating its consumption

This hotel is rife with whiz-bang creators. At any hour someone with an opinion on Salavador Dali is likely to state it from behind a counter, pills since so much of the staff identifies with being an artist of some sort. Certainly, there is an official resident artist and an official resident narrator, but there […]