19 Jun 2014

“We are staying here for the junk mail conference.”

“We are staying here for the junk mail conference.”

Some days I’ll consult the hotel’s itinerary and try out other people’s conferences. Recently, I attended the Printing and Mailing Conference. They had “dimensional packaging sessions,” and forums on why LinkedIn is important. Though I have a profile on there I still don’t know why LinkedIn is important. I should have paid more attention, but […]

18 Dec 2013

‘Twas the night before Pfist-mas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, health and all through the Pfister a few creatures were stirring, some misses, some misters.     The stockings were hung without a single demand and stuffed with the sounds from the piano man’s hands.     A few guests were asleep in pillow-topped beds with visions of lions roaming […]

15 Dec 2013

From facelifts to world peace: What Pfister guests want for the holidays

From facelifts to world peace: What Pfister guests want for the holidays

A couple of nights ago, I went to the Pfister’s Lobby Bar and Blu and randomly asked visitors and guests what they wanted for the holidays. “You know, if I were Santa or Oprah and the sky was the limit,” I said. I was surprised, amused and touched by peoples’ responses to my question. Here […]

6 Dec 2013

Santa’s visit!

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Santa’s visit!

After last Friday’s tree lighting ceremony, Santa had a  ton of letters to go through just from the children who visited him here at the Pfister (this on top of all of the other letters from across the world). As a testament to the talent that the jolly ol’ man has, and his adoption of […]

28 Apr 2013

Dancing With the Stars

It’s the one sport that caters to people ages 3-93. And, it has the elegance, grace and pizzazz of a Hollywood movie premier. The Wisconsin State Dancesport Championships was back at the Pfister Hotel for its 26th year of professional/amateur ballroom dance competition last weekend. Dan and Rebecca Messenger, from Nashotah, Wisconsin, organized the event and attracted thousands of dancers from […]

27 Apr 2013

Creativity is Everybody’s Business

Maggie Kuhn Jacobus is not your typical executive. Nor is she your typical mom. After a successful carrer as an entreprenuer, writer, producer, marketer, and public relations exec, she took a six-year sabbatical to raise her kids in the lush and far-flung tropics of Costa Rica because she wanted to give them a creative and enriching childhood. […]