26 Apr 2012

Roc’s Road to Milwaukee

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There tend to be patterns of why people live where they live. Often times they got a job nearby, or that’s where they went to school, or possibly their spouse’s family is from the area. Roc is a concierge at the Pfister and his path to Milwaukee definitely did not follow any of these typical routes. […]

23 Apr 2012

The Great Conversation

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  I was sitting in Timothy Westbrook’s studio this afternoon. It is a few days after his first successful gallery showing and already the man is back at work. While Timothy constructed new fabric joining cassette tape and wool I listened to the repeating slick/slack/creak/crack sound of his loom in motion. With the new dress […]

21 Apr 2012

The Secret

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  A young girl tells her grandfather she’s learning to write.   She explains the yellow pencils and blue lined paper   She tells him she’s learned how to write her name.   “Well that’s magnificent!” he exclaims, “I’d love to read your handwriting. Will you write something for me?”     She shakes her […]

19 Apr 2012

Patronage and the Everyman

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  The Medici Family were bankers from Tuscany, Italy. Their initial family monies were made in the textile industry and they were influential in developing the double entry bookkeeping system. During the renaissance they owned Europe’s largest bank. I’m sure their advances in bookkeeping are fascinating but that is not generally why the Medici name has […]

12 Apr 2012

Travel By Association ~ or ~ Travel Lite

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  Travelers. Travelers everywhere. Transient folks of every stripe walking, running, sitting, working, swimming, eating. Carrying luggage. Grabbing a cup of coffee. Adding sugar to their tea. En route toward somewhere. Arriving from someplace else. Ah, airports. All of humanity distilled to a small area becoming a sudden, immediate culture. Unique and specific to that […]

12 Apr 2012

Our New AIR Timothy Westbrook’s First Gallery Night: tons of surprises in store!

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Timothy Westbrook’s first gallery night will be exciting and very interesting. He has both stagnant and performance components to the event. Here’s a sneak peek of what he’s working on for the show. Timothy Westbrook’s first gallery night will be in conjunction with the Milwaukee wide “Gallery Day and Night” event. Updated information: Timothy’s performance piece […]