The 6th Artist - Niki Johnson

"What Are You Doing For Thanksgiving?"


The following people shared their Thanksgiving Plans:


Name: Ariana

Location: Artist studio

Context: One Pfister Artist Niki’s interns, Arianna spent her day crocheting condoms into upholstery for Niki’s fainting couch.

“I’m going to my fake aunt’s house. I actually met her on the bus…

26 Nov 9:38 PM 0

2014 Artist in Residence Finalist - Niki Johnson

Niki Johnson – Milwaukee, WI

Proposal:  If chosen as the Artist in Residence at the Pfister Hotel, I will create a series of six sculptural child-sized bathtubs decorated to illustrate fairytales written by Hans Christian Anderson and the Brothers Grimm.

Fairytales are the earliest narratives that join us culturally…

13 Jan 9:53 AM 1