20 Aug 2017

How the Pfister’s Incredible Art Collection Strengthened My Marriage (Or At Least Got Us Out of the House Sans Toddlers and Goldfish Crackers)

I treasure date nights.  With four children aged four and younger, a typical evening in our home can feel like a freefall into chaos.  Date nights whisper to us that we are still sane adults in love who can have a conversation that doesn’t involve repeating, “We are leaving in two minutes.  Did you hear […]

18 Aug 2017

Our Own Little Escape from the Sidewalk

Because I know families share the same life together but often see it very differently, I sat with each member of this family individually, out of earshot of the others, and asked them about their home. Maya (16): We live in a third floor Brooklyn apartment. It’s only a one bedroom, but it’s still home […]

12 Aug 2017

We Turn the Pages: Our Pfister Book Club Meets Again!

We Turn the Pages: Our Pfister Book Club Meets Again!

I gave an important disclaimer to our first month’s book club participants about my August selection: the first half of the novel is pretty dark, but if you continue through to the end, the author achieves well-earned hopefulness in a book so rich you’ll never forget it. For many of the 29 people who found […]

5 Aug 2017

Ebb and Swell

When Marielle was seven, she visited her mother in The Philippines, in a group of islands called Cebu. The house was on the beach, and she could see the ocean from the upstairs. There were no windowsills, just wide holes displaying the water. Crabs and shells, relics of tides, were her playthings. She bathed in […]

2 Aug 2017

Treasured Guests

Most days at the Pfister, not every guest is human. When I took on the Narrator role a few months ago, I was surprised and delighted to find that unlike most other premier hotels, the Pfister does not only tolerate dogs, but actually enjoys them. Their presence lends a comforting sense of home and family […]

30 Jul 2017

Maybe I Am

I’m trying to get into volunteering. I want to do something mental-health related, maybe a suicide prevention hotline. My friend committed suicide a few months ago; it’s personal now. I’m intrigued by the human brain, the ways we respond to each other. I’m always reading about this stuff, all the crazy things going on in […]