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Molly Snyder has lived in Milwaukee her entire life. She started keeping a diary when she was four and published her first poem at age 10 called “The Unicorn” in the now-defunct Shorewood Herald. Today, she writes less about mythical creatures and more about Milwaukee people and places. She is a senior writer at OnMilwaukee.com, where she has worked for the last 12 years. Telling people’s stories is her passion.
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Pfister pianist unearths memories through his music

On a recent Saturday evening, Cardinal Lemoine brought her children, Iris and Griffin, to the Pfister’s Lobby Bar to listen to Dr. Jeffrey Hollander play the piano. Both of her children take piano lessons, but the main reason she wanted them to experience Hollander’s playing was because of her father / their grandfather. Cardinal’s father, Bernard Lemoine, […]

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“Project Runway” party planners rally for Timothy

When I saw Elyse Cizek, thumb Megan Zarnott and Alexis Rose sitting at the Lobby Lounge, I instantly knew they were up to something great. Not only were they dressed in fashionable and inspired attire, but there was a magnetic energy about them that I was immediately drawn to. I quickly learned they were at […]

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Talking belly dancing and a second chance at love with a beautiful bride-to-be

We all know life doesn’t come with an instruction manual. We can make plans and decisions, buy but sometimes we still don’t have control over what happens. Sometimes we have to throw away our maps and charts, unfurl our sails and go with the flow. Sophia gets this. For her second marriage to her soulmate, […]