I Will Get To Wear Tights & Meeting Two Presidents

10 Aug, 2014

by Anja Notanja Sieger

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The lobby

wears red roses today

when I meet Caroline

from South Carolina.

Tomorrow Carolina’s Caroline will

toss plant pluckings on the floor

as flower girl for a wedding.

She tells me

I will get to wear tights

she tells me

there will be champagne!

Who told this kid to get excited about champagne?

Perhaps Harry or Dick?

Those lobby lions have

watched a centuries worth

of revelry

their manes are worn

by a century of child fingers

right now

Harry is getting stroked by Harry,

Caroline’s little brother

whose shoulder droops

from wearing a plastic shopping bag

containing hot cocoa powder,

I tell them

there will be hot cocoa!

Caroline has decided

the other lion’s name

is not Dick as they say

but really it is Caroline.



This is a poem

in which I must mention

“international association of administration professionals”


of which

Mary of Kansas

is division president

she does something

financial for work

but on the side

with the pickle

she has iaap


like this one

with seminars on juggling.

That topic peaks my interest

until I learn they mean

juggling as an expression

for responding to three bosses

rather than three burning tennis racquets

or three rusty nail studded baseball bats

or even three plush bean bags,

however, IAAP transformed

Bonnie of Texas

from a timid woman who

at the time she joined the association

stared at the floor enough

to tell me that there were

forty-two tiles between the elevator

and her desk at the oil and gas company

to the Bonnie who approaches strangers

with typewriters at hotels

to make conversation

about what it is like to be

Houson’s division president.

Both presidents

Bonnie and Mary share corporate gossip:

Google’s bosses must remind

the young workers

to wear shoes,

but pajamas in the office


Mary, President of Kansas on the left, Bonnie President of Texas on the right. In the background, a stranger.

are okay.

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About the author

Anja Notanja Sieger

Anja is pronounced (ON-JUH) and 'Notanja' (not-ON-JUH). Anja is the person-conduit and Notanja is the spirit writing the letters. Both currently hang out in the Pfister Hotel and would like to meet you. "I am a performing typist who interprets other people's thoughts in the form of “prosettes.” Prosettes (poetry-letter hybrids) are typed for the customer on-the-spot, usually on a typewriter. For me the typewriter offers the pre-computer era tradition of translating ideas into clacking physicality. Customers can choose from the following options: Poetry, Love Letter, Insult Letter, Letter of Recommendation, Short Story, Letter from a Pet, Other. Writing letters requires me to pretend for the duration of the composition that I am the client.”

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