She wrote me a letter

12 Jan, 2014

by Molly Snyder

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Last week, I walked into the Pfister lobby and I was told by Ken at the front desk that I had a letter. A letter! I love letters!

Turns out, a woman who was just passing through the hotel for one evening had seen me on the recent Pfister documentary and wrote me a letter about her grandmother. Here it is.

Dear Narrator,

My grandmother Mary Kirkpatrick married Glen Morritt (I think this is his name – her handwriting was a bit difficult to decipher in parts) on Jan. 5, 1911. They took the train from Darlington, Wisconsin to Milwaukee to honeymoon at the Pfister. (Darlington is just over two hours west of Milwaukee.)

She was a lady and remained one her whole life, dying at age 94.

What fascinates me is that in that time she was a domestic and my grandfather a carpenter / farmer. But she always went first class and picked the Pfister.

I think it was remarkable she had the nerve to come and stay at the hotel considering the state of women in those days.


Elizabeth from California

I have so many more questions for Elizabeth, like why she was at the Pfister and if she came because she remembered her grandmother had stayed more than 100 years ago … But I will have to imagine the rest of this story.

In the mean time, I am going to handwrite a letter or two.

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  • Victoria Fischer

    Would be interesting to locate the Original guest registry of her Grandparents. Would be fun if you could write a story based on the 1911 couple from historical facts from papers and articles of what was going on in Milwaukee at the same time of their stay at the Pfister.

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