The Pfister Picks: Summerfest’s 45th Anniversary

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Peter Mortensen, our Chief Concierge at the Pfister, knows a lot about Milwaukee. He’s been helping people have a great time in this city for over 25 years. While he knows the ins and outs better than most, it doesn’t take a concierge to know that Summerfest is the biggest event in Milwaukee all year!

Watch as Peter gives a little history lesson about Summerfest’s origins and speaks with John Boler, Summerfest’s VP of Sales & Marketing, about what’s new this year!

This is a special year in Summerfest history; it’s the 45th anniversary. In celebration of the Big Gig’s 45th birthday, Discovery World is showcasing a special exhibit featuring Summerfest memorabilia including autographed instruments, photographs and much more. The display will go on through the fest and into September.

Summerfest is also creating an interactive timeline to be displayed at the fest as well as online. Explore tons of photos taken over the course of the festival’s history and even submit your own photos.

What concerts are you looking forward to the most?

  • Croc

    Peter, thank God you exist. Can I hire you as my personal narrator? Instead of a soundtrack as I walk down the street, I’d like you as my conscience, perching on my shoulder or, if that seems a bit too deprecatory, walking beside me. Once I could only imagine David Attenborough. So certainly you’ll understand the prestige to which I’ve exalted you.

    In modern parlance: You Rock!

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