18 Jan, 2012

by Ed Makowski

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Our Milwaukee finally became the winter wonderland we’ve grown to love. Here’s a look at January from our home at 424 East Wisconsin Avenue. Also in honor of our resident artist Shelby Keefe’s Winter Snowball event.


Looking East on Wisconsin Avenue from the Imperial Ballroom.


Jailed, oh no! Nah...just looking west from the 8th floor fire escape.


Whoa...don't look down! Mason meets Jefferson.


A Miro painting hanging out on the wall of the DeLind Gallery across from Mason Street Grill.


The bridge named after Daniel Hoan stretches south over the Port of Milwaukee on the right and the Summerfest grounds to the left. The federal building reclines out in the foreground.


Those air conditioners next door won't get much use for a few months.


Wisconsin Avenue rests between these two very different architectural geometries.


The Mason Street Grill Mascot dusted with January. Created by sculptor Jeremy Wolf.


Snow takes the fire escape route from the roof of a downtown building.


Too early in the day for the Wisconsin Gas building to predict upcoming weather.


Believe it or not there is a river running through all these streets, if you look close you can catch a glimpse. The Milwaukee River gave rise to industries which settled along the river beginning in the mid 1800's.


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About the author

Ed Makowski

Ed Makowski is a poet/writer/artist/radio personality/gatherer of stories and lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. While working as Eddie Kilowatt he released two poetry books, Manifest Density and Carrying a Knife in to the Gunfight. Density was included in Best New Poetry of 2006 and Gunfight received the Carma Writer’s Award. Both were released on his indy press Full Contact Publishing. Ed is also a regular contributor of interviews to Lake Effect on Milwaukee’s NPR station 89.7 WUWM. This is also where he curates The Lunch Counter storytelling series. Through April the Pfister Hotel is home to The Lunch Counter. Ed will serve as the Pfister Narrator through April 2012. Ed is also working on a few different poetry books, each taking overtly different directions; dialogue poems, history poems, longer storytelling poems. Between writing projects and working Ed likes to ride motorcycles and backpack into the middle of nowhere.

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