Stories to tell by the Pfister Narrator

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It’s that time again. The transition that has been coined the Passing of the Pen. As our current Pfister Narrator prepares to step down from her title, she has some words of wisdom and some insight for our next Pfister Narrator.

Stories to tell by the Pfister Narrator from PfisterHotel on Vimeo.

  • “Laverne and Shirley” was a favorite tv program of mine (while growing up). The time and place of “Laverne and Shirley” was Milwaukee Wisconsin in the 1950’s. To the characters “Laverne and Shirley” getting into “The Pfister” was a really big–la dee da- deal. Does the Pfister Hotel have the autographs of Cindy Williams (Shirley) and Laverne (Penny Marshal) in concrete like the famous autographs at Grumans Chinese Theatre on Los Angeles USA? I think Milwaukee needs to have the autographs of Laverne and Shirley (maybe “Big Rosie” Greenbaum too the rival of Laverne that married the proctologist)… too local girls that made good. You know I read in a tabloid that Penny Marshal is very ill. Maybe the Pfister needs her autograph “before it is too late”. I think it would be fun for the hotel to have…the characters Laverne and Shirley thought highly of the Pfister.

  • You know, the Lakefront Brewery tour includes a little Laverne & Shirley theme song sing-along. On a tour with out-of-town friends once, I got to put the worker’s glove on a beer bottle and wave goodbye to it while it rolled on down the line for packaging, while the song played and the tour-goers sang along, waving to the glove. As someone who watched reruns of L&S growing up, it was one of my best Milwaukee moments.

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