The Search for the Next Pfister Narrator

23 Mar, 2011

by The Pfister

With Julie’s time as the current narrator coming to a close, it’s time to select her replacement.

With over twenty wonderful applications submitted this time around, it was a difficult decision for our esteemed panel.

After several hours of deliberation, the six finalists were chosen.

Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to the six finalists.

- Nancy Camden
- Judy Garty
- Lacy Kutz
- Annette Mertens
- Ellen Warren
- Stacie Williams

For an inside look at the Pfister Narrator selection process, visit Judith Ann’s feature on ThirdCoast Digest.

  • Shauna Singh Baldwin

    Great Idea. When is the next Pfister Narrator application date?

  • Shauna Singh Baldwin

    When is the next application date?

  • jeff ircink

    the next deadline has passed, shauna. the NEXT deadline will be in April 2012.

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