Meet ‘n Greet Monday! Do you know Roc?

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Well it’s Meet ‘n Greet Monday! While the Pfister Hotel has housed many celebrities over the years, the true stars are our staff. Every week you will meet a member of our staff, and have your chance to share your memories and interactions with them. Today, it’s the man of a thousand stories, Roc, one of our fine concierges.

Name – Roc

Position – Concierge

How long have you worked at the Pfister Hotel? – For 12 years, since 1998

Why do you like working at the Pfister Hotel? –  I like the opportunity to see and to have interactions with this representative selection of the world’s population – from royalty, billionaires and presidents to local families out for a special weekend to people from the street, just wandering through

What’s your favorite Pfister memory? – This could go on for pages, but I will, for the moment, mention two: 1. The evening I waltzed with Sarah, Duchess of York, from front entrance to the elevator.  2. Visiting with former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Tell us something we don’t know about you? – Years ago, at slow times during summer break while I was teaching, I made my living as a handwriting analyst and playing he horses at Arlington Race Track.

What is the oddest/weirdest request that you have ever gotten from a guest? – To rent a submarine, Did it too!

Thank you Roc for being a participant on Meet ‘n Greet Monday.

Have you met Roc before?  Tell us a story about meeting him.  Thank you so much for being fans of the Pfister Hotel, and look forward to a new person to meet every Monday.

  • brenda esselman

    Congratulation’s to the Phister Hotel, the grandest of them all!

  • Angele Dentice

    Roc is such a charming man who brought the history of a The Pfister alive wnen my daughter and I recently stopped by to share some of Milwaukee’s history. Thank you Roc for sharing some stories about this grand , elegant , historical gem in Milwaukee! Not only do interesting world diplomats, celebrities , and reknown artists stay here but Roc gave an oral history of this majestic hotel leaving us in awe of the splendor in our own hometown!

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