Stop and take in the Pfister

Posted by on Sep 10, 2010 | 4 Comments

Yesterday, while walking through the lobby of the hotel, we took a second to stop and take it in.

The Pfister Hotel is filled to the brim with history and stories waiting to be told. It makes you think, “If only those walls could talk.”

After this brief moment of reflection, we thought, “When was the last time you got to sit in the lobby of the Pfister Hotel and really take it in?”

Here are some of the comments we received on Facebook and Twitter.

Ardith Richter: For the last 25 years, there are 5 times in a year that I have sat and just watched the spirits of the past. Miss my dear friend, Miss Betty.

Scott Heun: About 3 months ago I enjoyed a shakers martini at Blu with Mike Smith and a great pizza and a Spotted Cow from New Glarus in the lobby bar. The best lobby in the country!

Christine Butt: We love the Pfister lobby bar. We have a tradition of coming and watching the Christmas decorations go up in the hotel. Then we love to come for your Christmas Open house when Santa & Mrs. Claus are there.

Chrissy Jaworski: As a little girl, I used to come with my school music group and perform on the steps of the staircase in the Pfister lobby. Now I’m an event planner and I do business with you frequently!

What is your connection with the Pfister Hotel?

Photo by Christine Butt

  • Whenever the opportunity arises to spend time in Milwaukee, I make the Pfister part of my visit!When with a group, I’m always advocating, “Let’s go to the Pfister, you’ll love it!” I find the architecture pure “eye candy”, the history enchanging, and the ambiance nourishes the soul. Definitely one of my favorite places!

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  • Love the lobby and especially the Lobby Bar. The history, the decor, the relaxing atmosphere. Although I live in Milwaukee and never have stayed at the Pfister, love the hotel and all it has to offer. Have had many business meetings and meals here, but most important, my favorite stopping point is the Lobby Bar. If the piano player is there, it makes the visit even more complete.

  • I love playing good sheet music on my flute!!! Great post…

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